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Modern + Stylish Design

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No one likes germs.

So keep the nasties at bay with this fun-to-use, great-to-have soap dispenser that magically dispenses foam at your command.

A modern piece for a modern home.

Graduate from traditional ‘ol levers and enjoy sensor-activated wow with this little device.

Works with alcohol too.

Provide extra steps to sanitation and cleanliness and fill the bottle up with alcohol. The dispenser will release the product in a smooth mist spray.

Level up on hand-washing.

From day-to-day hand soap, dishwashing liquid, and rubbing alcohol, our Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser is an all-around player in the house or office for high performance.

Foam that auto-dispenses.

Simply fill the bottle with a liquid soap and the sensor of the dispenser will automatically dispense the soap in foam form at the sense of a hand.

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