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As you place your phone down, the base symbols will begin to light up and the wings will start to rise! A charging experience like no other!


The wireless charger has a special, “extra” design. When you put the phone on, the angels’ wings will unfold, and the base will have an angels’ aura. The glossy and sleek surface looks very novel and elegant.


It contains a high-efficiency chip-set providing 10W charging for phones which support fast wireless charging. Time-saving and convenient. Please note that only certain phone models support fast charging features.

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  • Unique Design: Base pattern will light up slowly when you put your phone on.
  • Convenient: Just plug into any USB port.
  • Perfect Gift: Great present to give away
  • High Quality: Slim design, made of premium quality ABS material.
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  • Anna Gonzales
    25 Feb 2020
    Incredibly cute device, if not for a crumpled box you could have given. it was a month. everything is fine, nothing broke, but you could put the navel for a safe guarantee.
  • Jonathan Jordan
    20 Feb 2020
    Super. Beautiful.
  • Patricia Keller
    14 Feb 2020
    Beautiful Object!! Very good quality and fast shipping. Very serious store
  • George Gomez
    12 Feb 2020
    Very beautiful charging. Wings are super, illumination is class. Bought as a gift, the customer is satisfied. Box, true, all crumpled
  • Sharon Tran
    3 Feb 2020
    Does not work
  • Scott Graham
    27 Jan 2020
    it works. delivery took 20 days in total. the outer box is not protected, but inside the box is well-packed. so, it works, but the box looks pretty banged up.
  • Michael Carroll
    24 Jan 2020
    Super génial !
  • Laura Jordan
    22 Jan 2020
    The charger is just as described on the page. It’s very nice! I love it! The bad thing is that the box and the envelope came in broken.
  • Paul Stone
    22 Jan 2020
    Cool charging. She came in safe. The lower circle refused a large one.
  • Timothy Washington
    16 Jan 2020
    The box looks like it was kicked all the way to its destination. Despite this, the product is intact and works. One of the wires hooked on the wing, because of which the wings did not open, but it is easy to solve by picking up the wire with a long thin object and removing it in the direction.
  • Stephanie Olson
    16 Jan 2020
    Packed badly, the bottom burst or such sent
  • Gloria Lee
    15 Jan 2020
    I’m delighted, the charging works fine, the wings open and close, charges quickly, the only negative that I did not like that the sides stick out wires, but it’s not critical, I advise
  • Timothy Harvey
    15 Jan 2020
    Charging beautiful, wings open, everything glows. Walked for a long time
  • Ethan Rodriguez
    11 Jan 2020
    It’s super cute just like the pictures. It did come in a box beat up like it had been in a fight, but it was fine. I’d buy it again.
  • Dorothy Boyd
    9 Jan 2020
    I absolutely adore it. Doesn’t charge fast buy looks spectacular
  • Andrea Parker
    9 Jan 2020
    Beautiful product, unfortunately bad packaged, feet with which it on the supporting Rod sits was taken down, do it yourself can restore happy
  • Timothy Lucas
    30 Dec 2019

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