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Taya Xpress — 3 hours 17 minutes ago

Don’t have time to visit your brow lady but need a cleanup? We’ve got you, girl. Introducing the Mini Electric Eyebrow Trimmer Pen, your at-home, on-the-go solution for perfectly-groomed brows. From stray hairs to full-on shape-up, experience the convenience of a powerful beauty device at your fingertips.

LED lights the way

Don’t be caught helpless in dim or unflattering lighting. A built-in LED light in the trimmer helps illuminate your workspace. See the finest hairs up close for precise, accurate brow trimming and shaping.

Pin-point precision

Our sleek trimmer head trims stray, unwanted eyebrows hairs with ease, never missing a spot.

USB rechargeable

Powered by a built-in lithium battery, your trimmer can perform with finesse every time you use it — and it’s rechargeable with an included USB cord. Plug into your laptop, portable power bank, and more for easy use, wherever and whenever.

A timeless gift

From an aspiring makeup artist to esthetician, our brow trimmer pen is the perfect gift idea to help one learn and practice one of the foundations to a clean face and canvas.

Your brow technician, on call

Learn to clean up your brows at home and over time, you can save money on pricey trips to your brow girl. Our trimmer is a beauty powerhouse for sleek, smooth brows — anytime, and just at a one-time purchase.
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Protect And Heal Your Back And Tailbone Starting Today!

  • High definition, built-in LED lamp.
  • 18K gold plated head anti allergy.
  • Portable, so you can use it anytime and anywhere.
  • Simple operation, safe and effective, easy to modify eyebrows, painlessly maintain eyebrows
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  • Jeffrey Flores
    17 May 2021
    I just got this and only used it once. It worked very well. After my first use I realized some the thicker hairs might need tweezed before use next time. Will take a little practice to be a pro at it but so far I’m pleased with the way it cuts and trims. I was a little skeptical but it did just what it’s advertised to do.
  • Julia Campbell
    17 May 2021
    This item works great according to my wife. It’s easy to manage and control. My wife’s eyebrows has never looked better. I even gave it a try by using it to remove unwanted hair in my nose and ears. It worked great. It’s also extremely easy to clean. The given price was great and well spent
  • Shirley Curtis
    17 May 2021
    Great product! I bought two – 1 for me and 1 for my teenage daughter. She wasn’t too sure about it when she saw it but actually told me it was pretty nice. Looking to save money by letting us not having to go get our eyebrows waxed every two weeks. Now we can actually do them ourselves at home, in the car, wherever whenever. And being rechargeable we don’t have to keep buying batteries. Highly recommend.
  • Lauren Clark
    28 Apr 2021
    Great product for tweezing eyebrows. it’s great! Small, practical!
  • Austin Carpenter
    28 Apr 2021
    Looks as described, I didn’t use it yet
  • Judy Schmidt
    28 Apr 2021
    Quality corresponds to the price. Works without problems and complaints.
  • Olivia Woods
    28 Apr 2021
    At first I wasn’t really getting anywhere, but once I read the instructions and used the circular motion they suggest, it was better. Not the easiest task but it gets the job done.
  • Cheryl George
    28 Apr 2021
    Satisfied with the purchase, recommend
  • Bryan Bowman
    28 Apr 2021
    Consistent with the description, recommend goods.
  • Julie Holmes
    28 Apr 2021
    Very good, takes the hair very well. The pen very warm and light is very weak. The store sent very fast
  • Maria Hall
    28 Apr 2021
    Exact product to the description. Product identical to the tele-purchase for less expensive.
  • Scott Curtis
    23 Apr 2021
    It’s okay, you have to really press on your skin to get as much hair off. Doesnt get everything.
  • Edward Jimenez
    22 Apr 2021
    Beautiful stylish thing. But it seems to shave, does not pull the hairs. Thanks to the store.
  • Ronald Hudson
    21 Apr 2021
    I really like this! It is gentle on your skin and trims unwanted hair fromeyebrows and face very well!I think a lot of woman complain about these trimmers because they assume they should shave all hair but if they done that you
  • Sean Williamson
    20 Apr 2021
    Good! Charged. Turned on-works. Looks good.
  • Benjamin Lynch
    13 Apr 2021
    Excellent trimmer, shrubs small hairs, I recommend to everyone, USB cable works
  • Dylan Torres
    13 Apr 2021
    It does what it says it will do, the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because you do have to go over an area a few times to remove the hair if it isn’t long enough. This will definitely save you money on eyebrow waxes or threading. I suppose if you have very coarse hair this will not work well, which may be the reason for the mixed reviews. I recommend letting the hair grow in a bit for easier removal and so you don’t get ingrown hairs. I’m happy with this purchase!
  • Sharon Kelly
    13 Apr 2021
    The parcel went long! But I got what I wanted and expected. Works fine!
  • Jordan Burton
    13 Apr 2021
    I already got the item very beautiful and it comes in good condition thanks to the store
  • Rachel Lane
    13 Apr 2021
    Very good trimmer, painlessly, the instruction is attached. The store sent quickly, thanks. Recommend.
  • Gerald Peterson
    13 Apr 2021
    Just a Dream! Works fine and carefully! Thank you!
  • Keith Daniels
    13 Apr 2021
    It’s not bad. It does work but you have to be patient. I use this product to clean my eyebrows and it works well. I love the light feature, that was a nice touch. A bit loud, but love the travel size. I stick in my purse and it just looks like a lipstick
  • Vincent Carroll
    13 Apr 2021
    Works well. But I thought that I would pluck and not shave, it was my fault, I read it wrong.
  • Dennis Sandoval
    13 Apr 2021
    My goal is to allow my brows grow back. I stopped waxing and plucking them. This device allows me to clean up my brows so painless and effortless.
  • Tiffany Moore
    13 Apr 2021
    Super easy to use for a quick touch up anytime. I had this for less than a month and keep it in my purse (for whenever I find myself in good lighting!) I often don’t have time to drive to the salon and wait for an eyebrow wax, so this product is perfect to shape up eyebrows or unwanted facial hair in between visits. Unlike tweezers, it’s totally pain free and only takes seconds. Be productive while sitting in the pharmacy drive through line!!

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