3 Pet Care Essentials for Every Proud Pet Parent Out There!

Whether you’re a new pet mom or have been a proud pet parent since a good few years, you’d know that pet care essentials are a must for your little one.

Whether it’s a litter box or having a first aid box for those nasty injuries, pet care can get hectic and overwhelming.

However, we are here to take care of all of your pet care woes and help you master pet parenting within no time! Take a look at our top 3 pet care essentials that’ll leave your pet and yourself happy!

Portable Pet Water Bottle

Did you know that your average sized cat needs to drink at least 240 ml of water in a day?

Portable Pet Water Bottle Pet Supplies Color : Pink|Turquoise |White

Your pet might not show a liking to plain old water, but just like us, they need to up their hydration game!

This portable pet water bottle features a built-in dish that makes the perfect sipping dish for your pet. Moreover, the bottle is BPA-free, highly durable, and can hold up to 18.6 fluid ounces or 550 ml of water!

The next time you head out with your pet, make sure that they stay well-hydrated with this convenient portable pet water bottle!

Soft Pet Paw Cleaner

Tired of your cat scratching your expensive furniture?

Well, it’s time to invest in a soft pet paw cleaner!

Soft Pet Paw Cleaner Pet Supplies Color : Green|Orange|Blue

This pet paws cleaner might look like a can. However, the pet care essential is fitted with soft silicone bristles that rub against your pet’s paws and give them a nice scrub.

But, it doesn’t just stop there! The soft pets paw cleaner the softest bristles that give a nice, soothing massage to your pet!

Buy this pet care must-have product on our website here.

Pet Grooming Tool

The pandemic has left your dog sporting an emo look?

No need to fret, as this handy pet grooming tool will allow for pet grooming sessions within the comfort of your home!

This pet grooming trimmer from TayaXpress comes with a fixed stainless steel blade and a ceramic blade that helps you make precise cuts. The grooming buzzer allows you to choose from five different grooming lengths; whether you want to go for a slight trim or need to go all in for a complete hair cut, this handy little tool doesn’t disappoint!

The best part about this pet care essential tool is that it extremely quiet and helps ease off your pet’s grooming anxiety!

Capri Blue Pet Toy Storage Pet Grooming Pets Supplies

If you need to stock up on some pet care essentials for your little one, TayaXpress is just the right place for you!

Browse through our extensive collection of pet care essentials and get the best discounts only at TayaXpress!

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